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Bharata Natyam (also known as Devadasi Sadir) is a Sacred Indian Dance. It is an embodied expression of love and devotion for the divine. For 2,000 years these dances have been given as worship (puja) by women called Devadasis (Servants of the Divine). This embodied prayer is a shared communion between the dancer, the witness and the Divine. It is a powerful, deep and beautifully balanced celebration of body, mind and spirit.

The Koothambalam School of Devadasi Sadir gives students and audiences the rare opportunity to witness and study this legendary Sacred Temple Dance while honoring the original purity and depth of this ancient tradition. These dances posses the unique ability to stir the spirit, excite the mind, reveal truth and celebrate the divine.

Laurissa Vibhuti maintains the school in Boulder, Colorado under the generous guidance and direction of Dance Master Srimati Shyamala of Chennai, India. Shyamala is a profoundly gifted teacher and performer of the T. Balasaraswati Style of Devadasi Sadir.

The Devadasis of The Koothambalam School invite you to further explore Devadasi Sadir.
For details about classes, lecture-demonstrations, performances and study abroad programs please feel free to contact us.
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